Today millions of people around the world enjoy the game of Tennis. Although, the growth of Tennis is challenged by certain constraints such as the cost of equipment, attire, court, club memberships, lessons, travel time and so on. Guided by this former owner of the International Delray Racquet Club and International Tennis Academy in Delray Beach Florida, Guy Trepanier created a new tennis game to make tennis accessible for everyone. Street Tennis Balls are made of dense foam and are larger than traditional tennis balls. The Street Tennis Ball and the Street Tennis Racket together provide the feel and control for executing all types of tennis shots in smaller areas and on almost any flat surface, including a freshly cut lawn. With Street Tennis, you can feel like you are playing a real tennis game, controlling the feel of the ball.

Street Tennis promotes tennis as a fun sport for both children and adults. Eveyone can play street tennis, no metter how old or trained they are. There is no need for taking lessions. Our results and global sucess have been noticed by ITF, USTA & FFT whom have aproved the quality of our product.

For all surfaces