For Schools

We would like for you to be a part of our global sucess so that we can promote healthy living from a young age with the help of Street tennis. The best way to do this is through school recreation. Children find Street Tennis to be a super fun and easy way to stay active. Thanks to how the balls, rackets and nets are designed, Street Tennis can be played anywhere! Even in smaller areas and on almost any flat surface, including a freshly cut lawn. So get the kids out playing Street Tennis to have some fun!

Street Tennis promotes tennis as a fun sport for both children and adults. Eveyone can play no matter how old or untrained they are. There is no need for taking lessons. Our results and global success have been noticed by ITF, USTA & FFT whom have approved the quality of our product. Be careful of costly copies and remember that Street Tennis is the original and top portable tennis kit!

Street Tennis set for schools:

30 rackets
30 balls
4 x 6m nets

It takes us up to 90 days to build a school pack which includes a specially designed net suited for playing badminton as well. 

For information on prices and availability please contact us via email

For all surfaces